Thursday, January 29, 2009

PeeWee Penguin

So after many hours of trying to find the pictures of our adventures with Peewee I have decided to just tell you about them!! The are on my computer but not in the usual place! I am sad because they were so cute.... so use your imagination to picture what we did!

We did some more work with the -op word family. The children even wrote a few words on their peewee puppets. I only asked them to write one word but some wanted to write more! Each child progresses at their own level and it is so rewarding as a teacher to watch them really grasp a concept and make it their own!

We also made these adorable penguins from strips of black paper. We talked about the difference between penguins and other birds, named our penguins and made a habitat for them. These were made using shaving cream and glue. That was really cool! We even fed our penguins goldfish cracker during a math game.

We also did an experiment with a large pan of ice. Each child picked an object from the room to see if it would slide(like a penguin does). Then we created a graph to record our findings.

I am hoping the pictures of our adventures with queenie quail next week will transfer!

learning objectives: participates in creating and using simple data charts; dictates words phrases or sentences to an adult recording on paper(storywriting); attempts to connect the sound of words with their letter form; becomes increasingly sensitive to sounds of spoken words; participates in classroom music activities

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