Thursday, January 29, 2009


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Where are you located?
I operate Learning Adventures Preschool out of my home. I have a large room dedicated solely to the preschool. My home is located in the Waters Edge subdivision which is off Kimbrough Road. This is about 5 miles from Long Cane Elementary and 10 minutes from town down West Point/Vernon Road.

Is this a Pre-K program?
Yes it can be. If your child attends Learning Adventures Preschool when they are 4 then it will be their Pre-K. I provide a high-quality preschool education that will prepare your child for Kindergarten.

Are you licensed?
Yes I am licensed through Bright From the Start - Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning. I am considered a "Family Daycare Home" although I do not offer full-time daycare. A representative from the state agency visits the preschool annually to evaluate my program to make sure I am following the state's guidelines.
I also hold a business license through the Troup County government office.

How many children do you have in your preschool?
Since I am licensed as a family daycare home I am only allowed to have 6 full-time children at once. This really allows me to give each student individual attention to help them develop a love for learning. We all know how much more is expected of Kindergarteners compared to what we I really feel that the preschool years are very important to prepare children for the rigors of Kindergarten.

What curriculum do you use?
I use the principles behind the Creative Curriculum paired with the Zoo Phonics program. These 2 programs provide an excellent preschool education!

Do you have any references?
Yes! Please contact me for this information!

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