Thursday, January 15, 2009

Little bit of this....

I am now using Picasa to upload my photos and it will only allow me to upload 4 at a this post is just some of those extra pictures I didn't have a place for! ha!
I created these ABC journals for my full-time students. At least once a week the children will look through magazines for words/pictures with the weekly sound in them. Or they may just find pictures they like and glue them to the page with that sound. They are really training their ears to hear the sounds in the middle and end of words!

For those who were ready we played the "make it say...." game with the -an word family.
Each week a new number is introduced to the children through various activities. Although numbers 1-26 will be introduced, not all children will grasp all the numbers. Our activities are tailored to fit each child's development.
In the picture above Addy is sorting items in the number 13 "junk box". Each week I change out the objects and their amounts. I am in the process of collecting items to make "junk boxes" for all the numbers. There are many different activites that can be done with these junk boxes...simple sorting to regrouping. The child doesn't need to understand/recognize the number in order to learn from this and they love to play with the different objects in the boxes!
I rearranged the room a little over the holidays and also brought out the paint easel. Our walls have been filled with some priceless originals!
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