Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow Day!

This week we discussed /n/ and Nigel Nightowl. Instead of focusing on nightowls we just focused on the sound /n/ in the middle and end of words. It isn't uncommon to hear me stretch out the weekly sound while I am reading a book. This week we read a lot of snow books (empahsis on the /n/ in snow;)).
We all got a good laugh out of "Snowmen at Night". We made a list of the activities the snowmen did from the story. Then we talked about what our snowmen might do at night when we weren't looking. The children created their own snowman on black paper doing its activity. We had one playing football, 2 drinking hot cocoa, one playing games and one sledding!
I got this cute idea for snowmen nose patterns from the Mailbox magazine. The children created their pattern using the large and small end of a carrot. It was really fun!
I picked up this snow powder over the holidays and knew the kids would love it!
Who said we coudln't have snow in Georgia! At least this week it actually was COLD outside!
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Kelly said...

Love the new look! Thanks for filling my need to see what Todd's doing in school!