Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fun with Missy Mouse!

I hope everyone has had a great 2009 so far! We sure have! I don't know who was more excited to start or the children!
Our first week back we started with /m/ and Missy Mouse.
After reading "If Your Give a Mouse a Cookie" the children brainstormed what Missy would do if we gave her some cheese. They dictated the story to me and then illustrated their page. They all had some cute ideas!
Another fun mouse book is called "Mouse Paint". It is about 3 white mice who get into some primary colored paint and start mixing the colors. The children got to mix their own primary colors to discover what secondary color they would make. It was like magic when the colors would appear!
We also enjoyed reading "The Mitten" by Jan Brett. In this story several animals try to squeeze into Nikki's snow-white mitten. The children love when the bear sneezes at the end!
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