Thursday, February 28, 2008

Farm Field Trip

After discussing the "Farm" we took a field trip to Butts Mill Farm in Pine MOuntain, Ga. It was a little chilly but the children had a blast! If you would like to see the photos send me a note at and I will send you an invite to see my album on There were too many cute pictures to upload and I tried to add a link to the blog for the album but couldn' send me an email if you would like to see the pics!

Thanks to all the parents for their help with this trip. It was a lot of fun.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Let's learn about the Farm!

For the past few days we have been centering our learning activities around the Farm.

The pictures just show the activity the children are doing but there are many learning experiences that happen before and during the activity that can't be recorded in a picture.

Here the children are adding "wool" to their lambs. First, we did a counting activity with cotton balls. I had them count out 5 balls from the bag. Then we sang "Mary Had 5 Little Lambs" and the last phrase was "and 2(or any number 1-5) ran away" and the child would take 2 cotton balls away and tell me how many were left. Then we would sing again either taking more away or adding some back. With some children I wrote out the number sentence we were creating as well. Then I gave them their lamb sheet and they traced over the word "lamb" and I asked them how were they going to cover their lamb with only 5 cotton balls. They all knew they needed to pull the cotton apart. Then I applied the glue to their papers and they went to work.

Here we are playing an animal sounds BINGO. Listening is an important skill needed in order to read. They had fun listening to the different farm sounds.

Then one day they put together their own snack mix. Each ingredient they were to take 5 pieces from.
We will conclude our farm theme with a trip to Butts Mill Farm.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

The children were SOOOOOO excited to pass out their Valentine's to their friends. That is what they asked to do all morning long! It was so sweet to watch them as they passed their special treats out to their special friends. We talked about how to be grateful and they all said "thank-you" each time a treat was placed in their bags. What a fun day!

Valentine's Week

We had so much fun this week with our activities all centered around Valentine's Day! One of the favorite activites was making Valentine's. They children love using glitter(and so do I)! They are getting very good with using the glue and being careful with the glitter! They also were amazed when we talked about symmetry by cutting out a heart from a paper folded in half. It was fun to see the expression on their faces when they cut out their own heart!

For snack on Valentine's Day we created a heart cake from a circle and square. After assembling the cake the children helped decorate it with icing and sprinkles. Then we all enjoyed it!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Zoo animlas and zippers

This week we talked about the zoo and animals you would find while visiting a zoo. For this activity the children traced over the word "zoo" and then picked 3 pictures of different zoo animals. They glued their animals on the paper and then drew a "cage" around each one.

Here the children are painting stripes on a zebra. First we dipped a marble in black paint. Then I dropped a marble in their tray. As they tilted their trays back and forth the marble rolled over the zebra to create the stripes.

We also discussed the letter Z. One item we placed on our letter poster was a zipper. Then we created a graph with who had a zipper on their clothes that day.