Friday, January 23, 2009

Where's Ollie?

This week we learned Ollie Octopus and the sound /o/. We started out by discussing different characteristics of octopi and looked at different octopi from We also talked about how octopi use camoflague to hid from sharks and other ocean animals that might eat them.
I created an ocean scene(using the water they painted for jerry jellyfish) with rocks and kelp in different colors and textures. I asked them to find the octopi and fish I had hidden in the scene. Then the children created their own octopi using the different papers.
After creating their Ollies, they hid them in the "ocean". The children really got into this activity and made more octopi and some fish. In just no time we had an ocean full of creatures all hiding from the sharks!

Chase and Trent are hiding their Ollies in the kelp!

Then the children wanted to make their own sharks that would be looking for the ocean animals. (picture of the sharks on the following post)

This led to the children creating their own ocean scene to take home. They selected the paper that matched their Ollie to create his habitat that would hide him from the sharks.

I love days like this one where the children guide the lessons. They are the best teachers!

learning objectives: uses a variety of materials to create original work; uses different colors, textures, and shapes to create form and meaning; shares ideas about personal artwork;

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