Thursday, February 5, 2009

Queenie Quail week

This week was all about the sound /q/ and Queenie Quail. We also talked about how Queenie always has her friend Umber (letter u) when she makes words.
Addy is making a Queenie puppet and stamping question marks on her bag. The purple feather is Queenie's topknot which is how the children signal her sound(first finger on forehead curled like her topknot)
Our number for the week is 17. We got out the unifix cubes to count with....then the children started making large block towers which we measured objects(chairs, table, us) with.
Our big project for the week was making a quilt for Queenie and her babies. I brought in a quilt my grandmother made for me when I was a little girl to discuss how they are made. Each child then got a piece of paper to decorate with stickers, markers and glitter. Then we sewed them together to hang on our wall.
I think it turned out pretty good!!
We also did some activities with regrouping, counting and discussing what a "quality friend" would be! Another fun week at preschool!!
learning objectives: attempts to connect the sounds in a word with its letter forms; counts concrete objects to five or higher; recognizes and describes the concept of zero; begins to use tools to imitate measuring
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Aarean Jergensen said...

how cute is that! I loved doing arts and crafts when I was in was the best part!!