Thursday, February 26, 2009

fun with Sammy!

Here are a few activities we did during our week with Sammy Snake and the /s/ sound!
Each week we have pictures that begin with our featured sound and I have pictures that we stick on the bullentin board with the animal/letter. Kylie is writing out some of the words from the bullentin board. It is neat to see how much the children's confidence has grown in this area!
For an art project the children cut out a spiral shape and then decorated it. After attaching the triangle head it became Sammy Snake! They look really cool hanging from the fan in the preschool room!
One mother sent Skittles for a snack a few months ago. We haven't had an opprotunity to eat them yet but everytime I would take down the snack bin Chase would ask when we were going to eat them! I said we were going to save them for a math activity. He suggested we save them for Sammy Snake's week:) Such a smart boy! The children sorted and graphed their candy...and or course ate some!
learning objectives: produces speech sounds with increasing ease and accuracy; compares numbers of concrete objects; combines, separates, and names "how many" concrete objects
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