Thursday, February 26, 2009

Timmy Tiger

Although we were on Timmy Tiger this week, we just focused on the /t/ sound all throughout the week instead of having activities just on that sound or animal.
We started talking about safety last week(what are strangers, 911, safety gear, etc) and will continue this topic for another week. Here the children are making "stop" and "go" signs. I read some situations the children might find themselves in and they held up their sign to indicate what they would do....for example....what if you are at the park and a stranger gives you candy? do you take it?

Kolby and Addy are covering a "t" with tissue paper.

We talked about 911 and what an emergency is. The children practiced writing the numbers at the bottom of their paper. We also read some great books on being safe that allowed for some good discussion on this important topic!
This game is "Road Sign Bingo". Each card has 6 different road signs found around our town. They really liked this one. Isn't that a good lookin' bunch!!
learning objectives: knows not to accept rides or food from strangers; responds appropriately during a fire drill; uses different textures to create artwork
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