Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Week

This week our sound was /r/ and Robby Rabbit. We did most of our sound/letter work for morning work and then the rest was spent doing Valentine's Day activities. Of course whenever a book or word had the /r/ sound I deliberately held out that sound for the children to hear;) They are really picking up the sounds-not just initially in a word but in the middle and end!

We couldn't celebrate Valentine's Day without working with the conversation hearts. Monday's group counted out 18 hearts(our number for the week) and then took turns calling out math problems....if I had 5 hearts and then gave you 3, how many would I have left?
We also did regrouping with our math rhyme. Isabel is the youngest student I have on Mondays and she does a variation of our activities that targets a different objective. Here she is working on her cutting and pasting skills...and yes those are important skills as elementary as they sound!
I wanted to teach the children about symmetry this week and how 2 halves make a whole. I introduced this lesson by chance during snack-time. We had all the children present this day(6) and only had 3 rice crispy treats. I could have gotten another snack but thought it would be a great way to introduce the symmetry/half-whole concept. I asked them how we could get 6 pieces from the 3 treats. We cut each one in half so everyone would have a piece. Then our activity after snack was to cut circles in half to make a heart. They each had a diamond and a circle to make their heart.
This is the picture of our heart math from Monday's group that I mentioned earlier. Chase is counting out the math problem with his cute! Isabel enjoyed sorting hers and then eating them!
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