Monday, March 23, 2009


We had a great week learning about Spring....but I could not find all my pictures so I will just explain most of the activities!!
I found a great song/poem that we recited each day. It had 3 verses that talked about how we know it's Spring by what we see, hear and feel. Each day we would focus on a particular verse and take a walk outside to discover what that verse described. Then the children drew a picture of their findings in their Spring Journal . Some of the pictures they drew were flowers, bees and leaves for what they could see; birds and bees for what they could hear; rain and sunshine for what they could feel.
This was followed by another activity-a craft- that went along with the verse of the song. For what we could see the children made flowers using coffee filters and water color paint. For what we could hear the children made birdfeeders out of cereal and pipe cleaners to feed the birds! For what we could feel we made the wind socks...that is what Trent is playing with in the picture above.
Another activity we did for "what we can feel" was to make wind painting using paint and a hairdryer. At first I diluted the paint a little and we discovered that it was too thick to move with the "wind". Together we discovered how thin the paint needed to be for it to move in the wind and how fast it would move.
We also experimented with different objects blowing in the wind. It was such a fun week and I sure wish I had more pictures to show for it!!
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