Monday, March 16, 2009

More Seuss...

Here we are making patterns and matching colors with red and white!
In the book "Hop on Pop" there were lots of action words. I found this idea for "Exer-dice" on the internet. The colored cube has pictures of different movements (running, walking, crawling, etc). One child would roll the cube and the other the die. The die would tell us how many circles we would complete while doing the movement. This was a huge hit!
"The Foot Book" is full of opposites! Here the children are making their own book with opposites.
This book was requested the most. It was my first Dr. Seuss book that I remember checking out from the school library! After reading, the children drew a picture of what they might see on Mulberry Street.
learning objectives: explores moving in space; enjoys listening to and discussing storybooks; frequently requests the re-reading of books; percieves differences between similar sounding words.
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