Monday, March 16, 2009


This week we focused on the sound /u/. The animal that goes with U is the Umbrellabird. This is actually a bird found in Central and South AMerica. We call her "Umber". In our study of this sound we focused on what is underground!
First we learned a song about the wonders found underground such as foxes, mice, ants, worms, rocks, sticks, seeds, etc. This led into a discussion about seeds. We will be planting seeds in the near future.
I purchased a few different seeds for the children to sort.

One fun animal that lives underground are earthworms. For this math game the children had 5 gummy worms that they were to hide under their "ground"-the brown paper. I would pretend to be a bird and try to eat their worms....unless they were hiding underground! Check the next post to see the worm farms the children made!

learning objectives: begins to use words that indicate where things are in space;recognizes and reproduces simple patterns using concrete objects; sorting.

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