Monday, March 16, 2009

Worm Farms!

On Monday the children helped me create a class worm farm. We cut a 2 liter bottle in half and then scooped layers of sand and potting soil. Then we added 2 earthworms and covered the bottles with black construction paper.
In our reading about earthworms we learned how beneficial they are to plants, how they hate sunlight and how they mix the soil together as they dig their tunnels. We were going to give them 2 days to mix the soil and dig tunnels!
Isabel would have carried her worm around in her pocket if she could!
On Tuesday we made predictions of what the worms were doing. Then we compared our predictions to what really was happening on the next day when we uncovered the bottle. We weren't able to see many tunnels....maybe we needed more worms in there? The process sure was fun though and this was an activity that everyone enjoyed!!
We also took a couple of nature walks to discover what was under rocks and sticks and dirt. We did find some ants and termites! Then we came in and the children created a picture of different items that are underground. The children also LOVED digging for buried treasure last week.
learning objectives: begins to use words that indicate where things are in space; describes observations; asks questions about objects, events and organisms.
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