Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Last year the only classroom job we had was a leader for each day. That person was the helper and did various tasks during the day. This year we created enough jobs for each person to have a turn helping! They change jobs every week and take their responsiblity seriously!
Weather Watcher- this child will look outside and determine what the weather is so we can mark it on our graph
Leader- this child will be the first in line and lead us to and from activites outside the classroom.
Table Washer- this child cleans the table before snack and lunch
Caboose- this child is the last in line and makes sure eveyone lines up in front of him/her.
Bell Ringer- during transition times(before snack, clean up time, lunch time, etc) this child will ring a bell and announce what "time" it is.
Snack Helper-this child gets the "snack bucket" off the shelf and passes out the plates and cups to the other children.
Substitute Helper- The subsitute helper does anyone's job that may be absent.

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Kelly said...

Toddy loves all the jobs. He was very proud to come home and tell me what his job was for the week, and then of course what everyone else's job was!!!
Keep up the great work!