Monday, September 15, 2008

fun with dee-dee deer

This week I didn't seem to take as many pictures as I normally do! We had a great week filled with lots of learning opprotunities so maybe we were just too busy to stop and smile for the camera!

The children made a drum this week. First they painted the outside and then added dog, dinosaur and dot stickers. They used a dum-dum succor as a drumstick to drum the syllables of words with the /d/ sound.
The children each picked out 4 dinosaurs. Then they were to trade with their friends but had to use descriptive words when asking for a certain dino(i.e. the one with a long neck or 3 horns). I tried to get them to think of other descriptions besides colors. On Thursday we made towers from the unifix cubes that were 4 blocks high(last week they were 3 blocks high). The children were really getting into making patterns with their 4 cubes and also making a pattern from the colored cube that was on top as their cubes were lined up side by side.

To review the animal sounds I laid the large animal cards on the table. I would give a child a stuffed animal and they had to match it with the card and then tell me the sound it made.

Another concept I introduced to the children was time. Specifically what is a day and the days of the week. We started singing a song to learn the days of the week and read some great books about what happens during the day. This is a concept that we will be talking about every week.
Ask your child to sing the song "Today is Monday" may have heard them singing part of it already:)

learning objectives: begins to understnad simple number sentences; begins to distinguish between words with similiar sounds; begins to use descriptive words to describe objects; begins to understand the concept of time


Kelly said...

From everything Todd talks about, you definitely are busy! But from the parent it's wonderful that you have this blog and we can keep up with what they are learning! He sings me all kinds of songs he learned in school - keep up the great work!!!

Steve and Amanda said...

My mother-in-law is impressed...and so am I. You are the best!!!