Thursday, September 4, 2008

bubba bear week

We had a fabulous time with bubba bear's sound this week. Each day we review all 26
animals/sounds/signals and the children are really picking them up! It is wonderful when a child can recognize "bubba bear" at the beginning of a word or even in the middle....all on their own!

Here are some activites the children completed this week....

glueing beans on "b"

Each child decorated a paper birthday candle using glitter for our bullentin board. After Nolan's candle was finished he wanted to make a new picture. He looks very serious about his glitter!

The children made binoculars to help them find words with bubba bear's sound. I gave them different shades of blue and some white to mix together for painting their TP rolls.

After they dried the children glued "b" 's on their binoculars.

Last week I had the children trace over the letter "a" using applesauce. This week we used banana pudding to trace over our "b".

We also talked about big and bigger using various sized balls and this cute book "I Am the Biggest Thing in the Ocean".
learning objectives covered this week: understands and follows simple directions; begins to clap along with each syllable in a phrase; begins to recognize words with the same initial sounds; reproduces simple patterns using concrete objects

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