Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Catina Cat week

This week we learned all about Catina Cat's sound. C is a tricky letter since it has a hard (cat) and soft(circle) sound but we will just focus on the hard sound of each letter. it is so fun to hear them recognize words with the "catina cat" sound at the beginning of a word and especially in the middle or end!

Here the children are practicing their "3" and they drew 3 objects on their paper.

The children created their own calico cats. We looked on-line at different pictures of calico cats to see their black, brown and white coloring. Then I gave the children those 3 colors to create their cats. After the plates dried, the other features were added.

I got out the unifix cubes for the children to make groups of 3. We counted, measured, and compared our blocks to our neighbors. One child was creating a whole row of 3's so we all joined her to make a "wall" of 3's!

Here the children are waiting for their "c" cookies to cool off. They each had some cookie dough that they shaped into a "c".

Each week there is a math rhyme that goes along with the letter and number. I would like for the students to create a mini-book with these rhymes so they can share them with their families. For the students who were ready I cut the rhyme apart and they put it back together.

learning objectives: matches objects that are alike; recognizing shapes; attempts to connect words to use a variety of forms of writing; begins to make size comparisons between objects

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