Thursday, October 4, 2007


Puzzles are always a big hit with the preschool children. I pulled them off the shelf today so they would play with them after they finished their morning work(which today was sorting acorns) and that is all they played with the whole day. It always amazes me how something simple as puzzles will intrigue them for a long time. While they are assembling their puzzles I am watching and giving clues as to where a piece might fit. After their puzzle is complete I may ask them a question about the picture. Yesterday Chase put together an airplane puzzle. I asked him where it might be flying. His reply was, "hmmmm......maybe Powers Court". :) Which is the street where his father and uncle have been working for a couple months.

The pictures above is a puzzle that one of the children started and the others came to help. I also helped the children look for clues where a piece might fit, locating the corner pieces, edges, etc. They were very proud when they were finished!

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