Monday, October 15, 2007

Our Schedule

After a few months I have figured out a schedule that fits well with the children. This picture is of the "activities" we have during our preschool day. The leader gets to move the "What's Next?" spaceship during the day when we move from "circle time" to "centers" or from our second "circle time" to the "music/outside/good-bye" activities. Below is a breakdown of our schedule:

9:00-9:30 Welcome to school! The children come in and sit at the table where I have an activity waiting for them to complete as we wait for the other children to arrive.

9:30-9:40 Circle Time: we pick our leader, take attendance, review the letters, read a book, sing a song, check the weather, and discuss what we will be doing that day.

9:40-11:25 Center Time: The chilren are allowed to pick a center to explore. I have a couple learning activities that I will do with a small group or individually while they are at centers.
[Around 10:30 I ask the children if they are ready for snack-which they always are:) so we all go to the bathroom together, wash up, and sit at the table where the leader passes out the plates and cups for snack. They all pick a story for me to read while they eat. This is a fun time for everyone! This will last for about 20-25 minutes]

11:25-11:40 Circle Time: After cleaning up our centers, we gather again for another circle time where we will review what we did that day. We will also review the shapes and numbers and play a learning game.

11:40-12:00 Music/Outdoor/Good-bye: This is where we will do music activities or play outside as we wait to be picked up by our parents.

**although I feel this schedule will work for us it is always subject to change! Some days we may end centers early and play a group game or we may skip another activity if another one is going so well! flexibility is the key here!**

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Armstrongs said...

You are so organized. Thank you for implementing such a great schedule. Chase loves preschool.