Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

I bought a pumpkin for the children to carve into a Jack o'Lantern today. Before cutting it open I asked them what they thought would be inside. Here were their responses:

a train


a puzzle

a tangle of things


Then I cut open the top and we all looked inside. The the children got the magnify glasses so they could examine the pulp and seeds better. They all agreed it was "stinky" inside:)

I stuck my hand inside to pull out more of the strings and seeds. I asked if they wanted to help but they boys thought I was crazy!! Kylie did take a turn going in and pulling out some seeds:)

Then they all took the marker and helped draw a feature on the pumpkin for me to carve. Chase and Kylie drew the eyes and Todd drew the nose. I did the mouth. I think Mr. Jack turned out pretty cute!!

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