Monday, November 24, 2008

kayo kangaroo week

Here are some of the activities we did this week!

This book has been requested everyday for storytime. It is about a firemen trying to fix thanksgiving dinner but during the day they are interrupted numerous times by calls to put out fires. The children started acting out the story with the dress-up clothes Mrs. Harris made for the class.
Kylie is the dispatcher who took the calls. She then told the fireman where the fire was and who was hurt. Dr. Trent and nurse Chase are ready to take care of the patients when they arrive.

Officer Addy is transporting the victims with Firemans Todd and Isabel.

Dr. Kylie is writing a presctiption for Pee-Wee Penguin while Nurse Addy keeps him calm. Trent is manning the phones this time. They loved taking turns with each part.

We have a number line on the wall that we add to each week. Here the children were making their own number line.

We did some counting with kittens. The older children worked with number sentences and some wrote their own. The younger students just counted with the kittens.

I have begun to work with the older students on auditory discrimination. Here we were working on beginning and ending sounds. I would call out a word and they would hold up a sign to indicate whether the /k/ sound came at the beginning or the end. Another listening game we started playing this week is called the "Silly Name Game". We took the /k/ sound and put it in front of everyone's name(or different words) Todd became Kodd; Isabel became Kisabel; table became kable.
This activity was to help the children "see" what 11 looks like. They would sort the objects, line them up and count. For some children we are working on one-to-one coorespondence with this actitvity. For others it may be the sorting skill or left-to-right counting.
Addy is paiting her turkey. First they painted their hand brown and added orange, red and yellow feathers.
Trent created his kayo kangaroo complete with a pouch for holding words /k/ words.

learning objectives: perceives differences between similiar sounding words; identifies the beginning sounds in words are the same; begins to create and invent words by substituting one sound for another; begins to recreate stories using simple props

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