Thursday, November 13, 2008

jerry jellyfish week

Here are a few highlights from our week with /j/ and "jerry jellyfish"!

First we created a collage from cold weather clothing.

We did some math activities using jellybeans...

First we sorted the colors to see which color we had the most of. Then we did some number sentences that were in the number 10 math family. This was a little much for them but it doesn't hurt to try!

We also created our own jerry's using the crayon resistant technique. First the children drew on their jellyfish with crayons. Then they brushed water colors over the paper. It gave their creatures a cool look!
Then they added crepe paper tentacles and google eyes.
Isabel giving her "jerry" his tentacles. She loved her jellyfish and didn't want to hang it in the classroom!
Next we created an ocean habitat for our jellyfishes by finger-painting blue paint on a banner.

Addy and Trent really got into this! Thank goodness the paint is washable! I didn't think they would get it on their clothes or I would have put on the painting shirts!

Here is the finished product! I think they turned out so cute!

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