Friday, April 18, 2008

New members of our classroom!

Since we have been talking about Spring and plants I thought it would be fun to also explore earthworms. I bought a container of worms at the gas station and gave each child a small tray with about 3-4 worms to study with their magnifying glass. The worms were very wiggly and some even escaped from their tray.

Then we went outside and filled up an aquarium with dirt so we could watch the worms in action.

There was lots of loose dirt in the back yard where they are digging up for our addition!

Here the children are working together filling the aquarium!

Save the worm Patrick! Not everyone wanted to hold the worms....they tickled a little:)

We also put some sticks and leaves in the dirt so we can add some bugs to the aquarium later. One stick we put in there had 2 moth cocoons attached to it. That will be fun to see if the moths come out!

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Steve and Amanda said...

WOW! You are doing such a great job with these kids and they are learning SOOOOOOO much. I am so proud of Learning Adventures!!!