Monday, April 28, 2008

Ants and butterflies

Here the children are counting out ants. I placed a number on their trays and they were to count out that many ants....picking them up with the tweezers. Using the tweezers helps to build the muscles in their hands which they need for writing.

Here Kylie is showing off the butterfly she made. They each cut out their butterfly then picked three colors of paint to drop on one side of the cut-out. Then they folded it over to create a symmetrical painting. The body was assembled placing on a big, medium and small oval. Then they added their antennae. Kylie wanted to add the probiscus as well to hers.
They all turned out so unique and cute!!


Annie said...

Awesome! May I ask where did you get the little ants? They are so neat!!

Mary Kate said...

Hi Annie-

I just saw your comment....sorry!
I got the ants from