Saturday, May 2, 2009

x, y, and z!

Here are just a few pictures of our activities during these last few weeks of school!

The children enjoyed creating these pictures using different sizes and textures of yarn.

We also talked about the sun during our /y/ week. After looking at different pictures of the sun on the internet the children painted their own suns by mixing yellow and red.
During the /x/ week we played the game "X marks the spot". We took turns hiding the red x somewhere in the room. The person hiding it would give direction on where to find the x (around the yellow table, to the left of the trash can, under the chair,etc. ) One book we enjoyed that week was "How I Became a Pirate". In this story the main character helps pirates hide their treasure in his backyard. He drew a map for the pirates so they could find it again. We imagined that we had treasure also in our backyard and the children drew a treasure map complete with the "x" to mark the spot! The children also helped write and illustrate a class book "The Fox Has Six ___?".
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