Thursday, October 2, 2008

Francy Fish week!

This week was all about /f/ and Francy Fish!

I placed objects with the /f/ sound on the table. After identifying each one(and exaggerating the /f/ sound) the children drew pictures in their booklets of /f/ words.

Addy is painting with a feather.

My children helped me color and laminate these fish. On the back I put one of our zoo animals. When the child would catch a fish they would say the sound and signal. Some I had tell me a word with that sound also.

Everyday we read the book "Rainbow Fish" . In the story the rainbow fish refuses to share his shimmering scales with his friends. He soon becomes very lonely and visits the wise octopus for advice. He instructs Rainbow Fish to share his scales with his friends. This made him very happy.
The children made their own Rainbow Fish with scales they could share with their friends. After every fish was assembled the children took turns asking their friends to share a scale with them. In the end they all had a different from each friend! Their fish turned out beautiful!

And we couldn't have a francy fish week without goldfish crackers! The children sorted their crackers and discovered which color they had the most of.
learning objectives: covers an area with shapes; cooperates with others in a group activity; uses different colors, surface textures, and shapes to create form and meaning

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Kelly said...

I'm just so impressed. I need to start learning how different languages say impressed so that I don't sound like a broken record!