Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying a nice summer off just relaxing with your children! I am enjoying my time off but am looking forward to the start of our next preschool year!! (as I know some of your little ones are too!)

I have been reading up on the
Zoo Phonics program and am getting really excited. I know the children will have fun with all the animals which will make learning so much fun!

We will start our 2008-09 year August 18th. Open house will be Thursday August 14th. I still have one spot open so if you know anyone who is interested please let me know or send them a link to our blog.

Stay cool and I will see you all on the 14th!
(more info on the open house will come in the mail at the beginning of August)

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Lisa said...

Patrick is going to be upset when he realizes that he will not be attending preschool anymore. He thinks that he can go to pre-K at LCE, your house, and Mrs. Polly's house also. Thank goodness we are neighbors! He always wants to come live with you when he gets upset with me. Just watch for him with his suitcase one day!