Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Mitten

This week we did activities centered around the folktale "The Mitten" using the version written and illustrated by Jan Brett. This story is about a boy named Nikki who loses one of his white mittens out in the snow. Some winter animals find it and crawl inside. To help with the storytelling I made a white felt mitten along with these animal cut-outs that the children are coloring. As I read the story the children put the animals inside the mitten but something happened when the mouse sat on the bear's sure to ask your child what happened next.

The children each cut-out their own paper mitten that we glued together leaving the bottom open. They also had the same animal cut-outs to color. Now they can tell this story to their families.

Here the children are making AABB patterns using red and blue mittens. They are really getting the hang of patterns!

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