Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Today we started talking about Trains. We read some books that discussed the different cars a train can have and how a train moves. We also sang a couple fun songs about trains. One in particular had verses for each color. As we sang about a color I had a battery-powered train to match that I handed to a child. After we sang all the verses, each child chose a cargo car for their train to pull. This cargo car was going to hold letters that they would pick up at the station. Then we built the tracks all over the playroom floor. I set up the station where the children would pick up their letters. As their train came into the station I would call out a letter -by name or sound- and they would identify it and place it into their cargo car. This was a very fun activity.

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Jan said...

Boy! I'm learning a lot by just reading about what you are doing!