Friday, November 9, 2007

Sink and Float

With all the balls that were brought in this week I thought it would be fun to see which ones would float and which ones would sink. I started off this activity by explaining what float and sink were by using some objects in the classroom(a car, marble, plastic food, etc). Then I brought out the sports balls and our float/sink graph. The children each took a turn dropping in their ball, choosing the picture card that went with their ball, and then placing that card on the correct column to mark our chart. This was a fun activity and I even learned that baseballs float! I thought they would sink:)

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Steve and Amanda said...

You are too creative. Today I asked Trent if he was excited to go to school, he of course said, "Yes!" Then I asked if he wished he could go to school everyday and he once again said, "Yes!" He loves it!!